Vape Pen $15.00

Introducing the perfect way for you to start vaping any kind of refillable juice wherever you go! It features a USB charging port making it easy to charge anywhere, anytime. Includes the device, an extra pod, & empty vape juice bottles to make refilling easier! The device is reusable with replaceable pods.

Disposable Pods (2 pack) $5.00

Do you have trouble sticking to just one vape liquid? These easy plug 'n go pods make swapping between your favorites a breeze. Designed exclusively for the Koi Vape Pen, these 1.5 mL pods are as simple as fill, insert, and enjoy. Order as many as you like and fill with your favorite Vape Juices for an easy change of flavors.

Exxus Slim VV Battery 380 mAh $10.00

The Exxus Slim VV 380 mAh 510 Variable Voltage Battery by Exxus Vape is a simplistic device that works with 510 thread cartridges. As a variable voltage unit, its voltage can be adjusted to anywhere between 2.6 V and 4 V. This accommodates user's individual preferences. Additionally, it boasts a ten second heat up time, so it's ready to fire fulfilling draws quickly and cleanly.

Koi Delta 8 THC + THC-O + THC-P Disposable Vape 2g $40.00

Powerful unwinding benefits, tucked in your pocket. Koi Delta 8 THC Blend Disposable Vape Bars combine the sought-after uplifting effects of delta-8 THC with powerhouses THC-O and THC-P for deeper relaxation. These rechargeable 2-gram disposable vape pens feature a high-grade ceramic heating coil for smooth delivery and maximum flavor. Preheat functionality with a few clicks of a button on the bottom of the device ensures a blissful vaping experience every time. Choose between five indica, sativa, and hybrid strain terpene profiles.