"My husband has not been sleeping because he has terrible shoulder pain. He had a test a few weeks ago and they said he needed surgery to remove a very large calcium deposit (the second largest in the surgeons practice). He took the CBD and used oils. He got relief and started sleeping again. He just had an mri and he no longer needs surgery!!! The pain is very little and numbness went away."

-Jolita X.


"So I’ve been having like extreme headaches after work and I’m like 99.9% sure it’s from wearing a mask all damn day! Anyway before bed I was like let me try the gummies instead of popping more Advil ... well let me just tell you I woke up this morning without a headache, I felt extremely well rested & I almost slept through the entire night!"

-Courtney C.


"The healing balm I ordered is the best according to my son. He hurt his wrist working and can't believe how well the balm works. Thought you'd like to know."

-Barbara J.


The melatonin and cbd shot is awesome. Haven’t been sleeping well cause of work stress lately and last night I finally got over 8 hours. :)

-Becky B.


"Have used many of the products, including the balm...vape...gummies...and even the drops. My dogs also use the treats!!! Great products! All very helpful and true to what the use is. Great family company!!"

-Lexie S.


"I like what I've tried, works great and the price is right. Not to mention, best tasting CBD gummies I've ever tasted, very good product!"

-Ellen S.


"My husband had back surgery, but he also has arthritis in his back. He was in constant throbbing pain with the Arthritis . Started taking 2 CBD drops under his tongue daily and has helped with the constant Arthritis throbbing. That’s because it alleviated the inflammation. Took a couple weeks to get into his system, but definitely helps. Great product for him."

-Chris W.


"Outstanding family owned company...excellent prices...great customer service. I bought a bottle of the blue raspberry vape juice and it tastes like cotton candy! Makes the other crap I got from the corner store taste like water. This is the most powerful, fast acting product I’ve tried to date. Will be a customer for life!!!"

-Ari S.


"Honest about their products and what areas on the body they target. Very knowledgeable and friendly."

-Rich S.