CBD Oil Tinctures 500mg $45.00

  • Strawberry [while supplies last]
  • Orange
  • Lemon-Lime
  • Peppermint

Koi Naturals Hemp Extract CBD tinctures use our premium Koi PRIZM™ broad spectrum hemp extract, featuring naturally-occurring CBD and other native cannabinoids, for a complete restorative experience. Nutritious MCT oil boosts absorption so that you can bring balance daily in your life. Available in six delicious flavors and six potencies, from 250 mg to 2000 mg per bottle, to meet your CBD needs.
*HIGHER MG BOTTLES AVAILABLE UPON REQUEST* [Price will increase as dosage increases]

CBD Anytime Gummies $25.00 [while supplies last]

  • Berry Lemonade
Come back to the center and find your sense of balance. Made with 20 mg of Koi PRIZM™ Broad Spectrum CBD per serving (2 gummies), these sweet Berry Lemonade flavor gummies deliver a great-tasting wellness experience. Designed for everyday wellness support, Koi Anytime Balance broad spectrum CBD gummies are an easy (and vegan) way to get your daily serving of balancing CBD.

CBD Nighttime Gummies $25.00 [out of stock]

  • Cherry Limeade
Fall asleep faster and enjoy more restorative sleep. Once the calm of the evening has arrived, reach for Koi Nighttime Rest CBD Gummies. Delivering 20 mg of Koi PRIZM™ Broad Spectrum CBD and the bonus of 5 mg of sleep-supporting Melatonin per serving (2 gummies), they’re designed to help you find the rest you need. A delectable Cherry Limeade flavor makes for the perfect sleep-boosting treat before bedtime.

Koi Complete Full Spectrum CBD Gummies $15.00

  • Variety Bag
Find and stay in your serenity. Koi Complete Full Spectrum CBD Gummies give you a delicious and natural way to experience all the benefits that hemp can offer. Designed to keep every day in balance, these full spectrum CBD gummies provide the support you seek from CBD, including a stronger entourage effect from Delta-9 THC and minor cannabinoids. Each bag contains 10 gummies (10 servings) with all three fruit flavors: grape, pineapple & pomegranate!

Complete CBN Gummies $50.00

  • Black Cherry
  • Orange Cream
Tuck yourself in for a great night’s sleep. Koi Complete Nighttime Rest Gummies give you a delicious and natural way to wind down after a long day. The calming combination of sleep-promoting CBN, full-spectrum CBD, and relaxing delta-9 work together synergistically to help you get your zzzs, so you wake feeling restored. Delicious Orange Cream and Black Cherry flavors make for some sweet dreams. Calms the mind, encourages relaxation, and promotes restful sleep. Each jar contains 30 gummies (30 servings).

CBD Healing Balm

  • 0.5oz 150mg -- $20.00
  • 1.7oz 500mg -- $40.00
  • 1.7oz 1000mg -- $60.00
Treat your body with this powerful CBD muscle balm that leaves you feeling smooth and restored. Infused with our premium Koi PRIZM™ broad spectrum CBD and over a dozen other natural oils, our Koi Naturals CBD Balm provides an immediate soothing sensation and difference you can feel. Whether it’s sore muscles or troubled skin areas, this topical CBD balm melts on contact so you can apply it exactly where you need it. Its refreshing yet tranquil scent is a delightful bonus.

CBD Roll-On Gel $40.00

  • 500mg -- $40.00
  • 1500mg -- $64.00
Experience instant, cooling relief for your muscles and joints. Koi CBD Gel Roll-On uses a soothing proprietary blend of  broad-spectrum CBD, and 19 essential oils to deliver quick relief right to where you need it. It comes in two strengths (500 mg & 1500 mg CBD), and with a no-mess applicator that makes it easy to use anywhere, so you can restore balance to your life.